Book Affordable Business Class Flights To Los Angeles

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Business Class

Los Angeles is the city of Angels and it’s a city where dreams come true. It’s an ideal holiday destination and a business hub as well. Sometimes it gets difficult to find cheap flights to Los Angeles, and even more …

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16 Feb

Emirates VS Etihad

Emirates VS Etihad, Which Offers The Best Business Class Flights To Dubai?

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Business Class

Dubai is one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s an ever-evolving tourist destination that is addictive in every way. Dubai has mastered the art of making people fall in love with it, and know how to make …

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8 Feb

Cathay Pacific business class flights

The Great & Not So Great About Cathay Pacific Business Class Flights

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Business Class

In the last couple of years, Cathay Pacific has made massive changes to up their business class game. There is so much completion amongst airlines these days, and because of that legacy carriers are always trying to outdo each other. …

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1 Feb

Singapore business class flights

What To Expect On A Typical Singapore Business Class Flight

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Business Class

Business class and first class cabins create a sense of competition between airlines because each wants to outdo the other. Luxury comes at a price and the airlines charge abundantly for it. However, with that price, they try to provide …

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26 Jan

discounted business class tickets

Quick and Easy Tips On How To Get A Discounted Business Class Ticket

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Business Class

Finding discounted business class tickets might be considered a challenge to some, but not too many frequent flyers know how to play their cards right. We only imagine business class travelers to be corporate travelers who have their airline tickets …

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19 Jan

business class flights to Tokyo

How To Secure Cheap Business Class Tickets To Tokyo

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Business Class

Being one of the trendiest and business savvy metropolises in the world Tokyo has a lot of business class travelers flying in and out of the city. Even though it has been a flourishing business hub for almost a decade, …

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12 Jan

last minute business class tickets

Life Saving Tips On How To Get Last Minute Business Class Tickets

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Business Class

Flying in business class can become an addiction. Who doesn’t love flying in luxury and class? I know I do! It’s easy when I have airline miles saved up in my account, but obviously, there are moments when I have …

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3 Jan

business class tickets for New Year

Book Affordable Business Class Tickets For New Year

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Business Class

If flying business class was on your bucket list and you haven’t ticked it off the list just yet, don’t worry because there is still time. The common misconception is that people who are loaded with money are the only …

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28 Dec

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