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The Terms and Conditions that accompany the use of Business World Travel Web Site and its Travel Products and Services are set forth below. Business World Travel, referred herein as ‘BWT’, ‘we’, ‘our’, ‘us’, reserves the right to change its terms and conditions as and when it sees fit. This may happen from time to time. If you do not agree with the Terms and Conditions we have set, you may not use any of our offered products and services nor our website.




For many airline fares, your total price may be divided into two or more charges. At times there is a separate charge by an airline for each passenger. The charges may be divided in parts called ‘airfare balance’, ‘agent fee’, travel service’, ‘service fee’ or the like. A customer should recall that the very first time we showed you a fare, service fees were included. On the subsequent page the taxes were added and displayed. Charges that have one of the above labels will sometimes mean a special portion of the fare (such as a “wholesaler’s mark-up”) or service fees or both. In the case of electronic tickets, the total charges will always be what you saw on the credit card screen. However if a paper ticket is required, then as mentioned on the credit card screen, added to the fee will be separate shipping charges. Take a look at “PAPER TICKETS & SHIPPING” in these Terms. If you see incorrect or double charges please contact us. It usually means that your bank gave BWT two approvals for the same ticket and one of them will disappear in a few days – depends on your bank.





 In our line of work we come across a surprising number of firms who are under the impression that if travellers are freely allowed to book (tickets) online, then this will lead to lower travel expenses because of reduced transaction fees. They are quite mistaken as this is far from the truth.

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CNN "There is another way to find a low airfare, and it's one your mother probably used. Pick up the phone and call a travel agent."
FOX "Buisness travel is expected to rise slowly in 2012 as corporate executives steadily widen their travel budgets."
Color "Airlines have very good deals on buisness and first class. Fares can be less than half what you normally pay."

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