business class for less

Proven Ways To Fly Business Class For Less

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

Everyone dreams of business class, because of the luxury and comfort it promises. Every airline offers a different business class experience. Smaller carriers offer business class that might have additional leg space and a meal. However, larger carriers go all …

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16 Oct

best and worst airlines in US

The Best and Worst Airlines In The U.S For 2017

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Uncategorized

Most people don’t have a favorite airline, because they prefer whatever is the cheapest. However, almost everyone has an airline they hate. From cramped seats, endless delays or unfriendly cabin crew, a lot of the airlines have terrible reputation. You’ll …

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11 Oct

get a seat upgrade

The Best Way To Get A Seat Upgrade

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

Who doesn’t want a free upgrade to either first or business class? We sure do. How many of us have seen people chatting up the check-in staff at the airport just to weasel their way to a free upgrade. At …

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5 Oct

American Airlines

Some Amazing Things To Know About American Airlines

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

Below are some amazing (and crazy) things to know about American Airlines. Brace yourself to be surprised and amazed at the same time (it’s hard to mesh these two emotions together, but American Airlines mastered it to perfection). 1. The …

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28 Sep

JetBlue slashes

JetBlue Slashes One Way Prices To $99 For Irma Evacuees

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

People from all over the United States have come together in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey and Irma. Inspirational stories have gone viral showing different acts of kindness and heroism. A couple took in more than ten horses and kept …

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19 Sep

business class and first class

Business Class VS First Class: Which Is Better?

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

What is the difference between business class and first class? They’re both luxury cabins, and both of them do cost a fortune, but what sets them apart from each other? Even though the difference between these two luxury cabins is …

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5 Sep

Business Class from New York to Amsterdam

In-depth Flight Review of KLM (777-300ER) Business Class from New York to Amsterdam

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Air Industry

Sadly, KLM’s update of its business class seats for its long haul fleet is unimpressive. There are a number of pros and cons of their new business class, luxury cabin. Does the update live up to its claims? Are the …

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11 Aug


Airlines That Have Made It To The Top Of The List In 2017

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Air Industry

1. Qatar Airways Even though Qatar has been going through a tough time, the country’s leading airline has soared on to the number one spot for top 10 airlines in the world 2017. In just a number of years we’ve …

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24 Jul

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