facts about silicon valley

Facts About Silicon Valley That A lot Of People Overlook

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Destination Tips

On the outskirts of the Bay area of California, is where technology has been thriving since the nineties. Silicon Valley has been the hub of the technology for years, and to this day is still flourishing and expanding. It has …

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12 Jun

Dubai luxury hotels

This List Of Amazing Dubai Luxury Hotels Is All You Need For A Stay That Exudes Wealth & Style

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Hotel, Travel

Dubai is officially one of the most popular tourist destinations. The Arabs are always trying to come up with new and ingenious ways to do something grander and bigger In order to keep the momentum of tourism going. Dubai prides …

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2 Jun

Learn Pro-Tips On How To Fly Business Class For Under $100

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Business Class

Everyone has a different experience while traveling by on a plane. The experience largely depends on the ticket that you can afford. There are two types of Economy Class passengers, those who feel blessed just to be sitting there and …

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23 May

South Africa

Insider’s Guide to the Best Way to Travel around Southern Africa On A Budget

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Africa Travel

Traveling around Southern Africa had been in the pipeline for a year before we actually took the plunge and headed for the beautiful continent. It took careful planning, intense saving, and daydreaming that inspired us to reach our goal. A …

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18 May

3 rookie travel

How To Avoid 3 Rookie Travel Moves That Will Cost You Money

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Budget Travel

What are the 3 rookie travel moves that will cost you money? There are some wrong moves that infrequent travellers make all the time. The aim of this article is show to infrequent travelers what they do wrong in order …

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10 May

Money Hacks For More Travel

Genius Money Hacks For More Travel

By: Justin Zipprich Categories: Travel

Do you want to travel more this year but don’t have the finances to do so? Even though you don’t have a lot of savings to cover your lust for travel, you can still travel the world with the money …

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4 May

business class flights

Affordable Business Class Flights To Caracas

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Business Class

One of the hottest holiday destinations for this year is Caracas. Why has it catapulted to the top of the best holiday destinations? Well, it’s been thriving for over four centuries and the city has a lot to offer. It’s …

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26 Apr


A Guide To Visiting Mo’orea

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Travel Guide

Last year I finally got to visit a holiday destination that had been on my bucket list for years. I had always dreamt of visiting Mo’ore and trust me when I say it had been worth the wait. The plane …

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18 Apr

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