Thrilling Trips

Top Five Most Thrilling Trips To Take In Your 20’s

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Travel

There is something magical about traveling when you’re in your 20’s, single and have no responsibilities. When you’re traveling in your 20’s there are so many parties to hit up, festivals to attend and soak in every wonderful experience that …

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10 Mar

visit Malta on a budget

Follow These Tips And Visit Malta On A budget

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Travel Tips

Malta is one of the most beautiful places in the world, and luckily it is also one of the cheapest Eurozone countries in the world. It lures people in with its warm weather, pristine sandy beaches, and crystal clear Mediterranean …

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3 Mar

Chance To Fly

This Is Your Chance To Fly Around The World In $863

By: Maya Jacobs Categories: Travel Guide

Would you like to travel all over the world and see the wonders it has to offer? Now it is possible with Airfare Spot. You can book an amazing around the world holiday for just $863. Yes, it’s possible to …

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24 Feb

Best Travel Movies

5 Of The Best Travel Movies That Will Guarantee Wanderlust

By: Michael Schoenberger Categories: Travel

Watching travel movies during a long haul flight is the best for a travel junkie like me. Over the last couple of years I have narrowed down the list of the best travel movies. Why do I enjoy watching them? …

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14 Feb

Last Minute Romantic Weekend Trips

Last Minute Romantic Weekend Trips That Are Perfect For Valentine’s Day

By: Michael Schoenberger Categories: Travel

Have you waited till the very last minute to plan for the most romantic day of the year? You’re in luck because we’re providing you tons of travel inspiration which you can use to sweep your partner of their feet.Romantic …

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9 Feb


The easiest ways to earn money while traveling overseas

By: Michael Schoenberger Categories: Travel Guide

To some people traveling for a year and spending a large chunk of money (or maybe all of it) might seem like a daunting idea. There may be a lot of ways to save money and travel on a budget …

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2 Feb

Travel last Minutes

6 Handy Tips For Successful Last Minute Vacations

By: Michael Schoenberger Categories: Travel Tips

We have all been guilty of dealing with last minute vacation woes. There can be many reasons behind last minute vacations. Some are genuine reasons while procrastination till the very end seems to be one common reason too. However, whatever …

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24 Jan

New Year’s Travel

Top 6 New Year’s Travel Motivational Quotes To Inspire Your Heart To Travel

By: Michael Schoenberger Categories: Travel

2016’s highlights included the deaths of many celebrities and notable personalities. We bid farewell to legends like Alan Rickman, Carrie Fisher, Fidel Castro, David Bowie and Mohamed Ali to name a few. From a personal perspective, the year must have …

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11 Jan

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