We offer exclusive discounts on Business class travel for international flights on all major airlines.

Experience 5 star luxury in the sky!

Luxury Concierge Travel Services

Your travel plans will be designed and customized by your dedicated concierge agent who will be there to service you every step of the way.

Relax at the best airport lounges in the world.

Waiting at the airport for your flight can be a tiring experience. As a First Class Passenger, you have access to luxurious airport lounges that elevate your ground experience to a whole new level. Whether you desire some quiet time, 5 star dining, or just a little extra comfort, these airport lounges from around the world are some of the best ones to visit.

Enjoy 5 star cuisine in the sky

Flying in first or business class isn't just about being comfortable: It's a chance for airlines to dabble in fine dining, with meals that showcase a destination's iconic dishes or a celebrity chef's specialties.

Sleep in Flat beds

Air travel doesn't have to be exhausting. whether your trip is for business or pleasure, no one likes to arrive groggy at their destination. That's why major airlines offer plush first class suites beds/business class seats that convert to lie fully flat

Why Book Business Class with Us?

Airfare Savings up to 70%

Whether you are flying in six months or tomorrow, we'll help you secure the best price on your flight. We have exclusive rates and discounts on First/Business class international flights

Fully Refundable

Traveling can be hectic and uncertain. That's why most of our first and business class tickets are fully changeable* and refundable**.

Superior Customer Service

Our travel agents are second to none, with years of experience in the travel field. You'll always be greeted by a real person each time you call and your requests will be handled quickly and professionally.

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