Flight to Hong Kong

Activities Worth Trying After You’ve Booked a Flight to Hong Kong

With summer just literally around the corner travel agencies and websites have already started rolling out holiday packages. The holiday packages are curated differently for singles, couples, families and different budgets as well. One of the most popular holiday packages …

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Business Class From Tokyo To Paris

Fly Business Class From Tokyo To Paris Without Leaving The Ground

Ever dreamt of flying to the City of Lights from Tokyo in business class? Well, it’s time to fasten your seatbelt so you can get to live your dream. Business class is a luxurious experience but it can cost an …

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best and worst airlines in US

The Best and Worst Airlines In The U.S For 2017

Most people don’t have a favorite airline, because they prefer whatever is the cheapest. However, almost everyone has an airline they hate. From cramped seats, endless delays or unfriendly cabin crew, a lot of the airlines have terrible reputation. You’ll …

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